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nibl is a premium content network that allows users to access content from publishers across the web with a single account, often with a single click. Publishers can upload content to our nibl marketplace, sell content through their own website, or integrate with nibl directly. Consumers get access to premium content without having to share their personal and private information with each website they visit.

How nibl works.
  • Create a nibl account. Create an Account Start the process off by creating a nibl account and setting up your publisher profile and store details.
  • Upload content to nibl. Upload Content Upload your content to nibl and set up your custom product page with engaging images, a useful description, and social media share buttons.
  • Price and sell your content. Price & Sell Set pricing models that cater to your specific audience and help increase your sales. Keep track of which items make the most profit with on-site analytics.
  • Simple Pricing Models
    Our transaction fees work for prices big and small. Also, nibl only makes money when our publishers sell content. There are no monthly fees for using nibl.
  • Transactions $3 & Under 15% per transaction
  • Transactions Over $3 5% plus 30 cents per transaction
  • Supported Content
  • Sell Photos & Video Photos & Video

    Upload a photo or a video and sell it as a download, or let your customers view it right on your product page. Upload in any format - nibl handles transcoding your files into standard formats for streaming.

  • Sell Music and Audio Music & Audio

    Upload a song and name your price. nibl takes care of converting your tracks into popular formats for streaming. Users can download to their devices or stream the music directly from nibl.

  • Sell Digital Files & Documents Files & Documents

    nibl handles any type of file you could want to sell, including templates, apps, code samples, PDFs, anything digital. Just set a price and let your customers pay to download.

  • Sell Actions & Accept Donations Actions

    If you don't want to upload a file, create an action instead. Actions trigger javascript on your page after payment is verified. The simplest form of nibl payment!

  • Sell Links to your Content Links

    Turn a link into a pricetag. Just paste a URL and pick a price to make any link to your content require payment. Use it to sell blog posts.

  • Sell Shippable, Physical Goods Physical Items

    nibl even lets you sell items that need to be shipped. With some basic setup steps, you can sell physical items to your customer with our easy shopping cart and order tracking.

  • power up your content Power-up your content

    We get it. You work very hard on your content, so why not let nibl help you get rewarded for all that work? Let your content generate income instead of being given away for free.

    Learn more about publishing with nibl.
  • sell in multiple ways Sell in multiple ways.

    You can sell your content in the nibl marketplace or through your own site, or both! Give your products more exposure in the places your customers shop.

    See our FAQ for publishers.
  • easy as pie Easy and adaptable

    Our code works with your existing site and seamlessly integrates all of nibl's features. With all of nibl's payment models, you can find the right one for you and your customers.

    See our FAQ for developers.
  • sell content for pennies or any price Price it for pennies

    nibl is designed for tiny transactions where it doesn't make sense to charge a credit card. Flexible pricing helps you keep more of your profits from sales.

    Learn more about pricing.
  • Become a nibl Publisher and start selling!